Here at Jay Bee Plant Sales, we have a wide range of machines to suit near on every construction site – including micro and mini diggers. A highly popular option, these compact designs are continuously gaining popularity and we can see why. They come with the backing of well-recognised names and allow smaller sites to achieve the same high-quality results as the larger models. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at both types of diggers and the benefits everyone should know about.

What Is the Difference?

Both micro and mini diggers are variations of the same machine. The key difference comes down to size. For example, a micro digger will measure 1 ton and under while mini diggers tend to range from 1.5t to 8t.

Benefits of Micro and Mini Diggers

Ideal for Compact Environments

As you can imagine, micro and mini diggers are the best choices for smaller environments. However, they are even better tailored for compact areas around your site that cannot easily be accessed by midi of full-scale excavators.


If you or your operators have used a normal excavator, you’ll be able to use micro and mini diggers. The operation is exactly the same, just scaled down to suit their smaller bodies.


Because they are smaller and lighter, these mini diggers can be transported with normal vans and lorries, without the need for excess weight support. This also means you won’t need to apply for certain special permits that are needed to haul equipment on motorways.

Less Noisy

Smaller excavators produce less noise. Which makes them ideal for use in residential environments and on sights where noise control is prioritised.

Minimise Damage to Surrounding Structures

With a shorter tail swing, mini and micro diggers reduce the risk of damage to structures in the surrounding area. In spite of this, they still perform to a high capacity and can support your commercial project easily.

More Flexibility

Due to their size, mini and micro diggers require less site preparation when moving materials around. They can manoeuvre in and out of fitted structures and workers, moving heavy materials and items quickly – and, without the need of trailers or other special transportation methods.

Here at Jay Bee Plant Sales, we bring together used plant machines that suit your business and your budget. We also have a team of experts on hand to help you make the right decision, whether that is a mini, micro or full-sized excavator. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please get in contact here today.