No matter what project you need an excavator for, it’s important that you find one that perfectly suits the requirements on hand. Whether this means choosing one that can be easily manoeuvred around a compact site or one that needs to move large quantities of material from various locations. There are a number of different options available in this sector and in this blog post, we’ll go through each one so you can choose the best option for your job.

Crawler Excavators

Suitable for landscape gardening, trench digging and mining, crawler excavators run on twin rotating tracks. This allows them to move across various substrates with heightened stability but will impact the top speeds that can be reached. If you’re working on steep terrain, these machines are the perfect option.

Wheeled Excavator

In contrast, wheeled excavators move around on 4 wheels which gives you more manoeuvrability but less traction. Their weight is less suitably distributed for use on soft ground sites but can be highly effective on harder surfaces.

Vacuum Excavators

These machines have an in-built suction pipe that can be used to suction soil and debris very quickly. If you need more precise excavation of fragile materials or debris – from a hole or pit, for example – they can work at speeds of up to 200 mph. However, the pipes are normally relatively short and less likely to suit the needs of more complex jobs.

Long-Reach Excavators

Ideal for accessing hard-to-reach areas, these excavators have extra-long arms and boom. On some models, you can achieve a full arm length of 100ft. They are used in unusually shaped sites or those where the operator is unable to get into close proximity with the chosen material. However, because of this long arm, you will find it difficult to manoeuvre and work in more compact environments.

Hydraulic Power Shovels

Designed to offer exceptional power, these excavators are commonly seen in mining projects. They are very big, meaning they won’t work in compact environments or small-scale sites. However, the large bucket capacity means you can work swiftly in more demanding environments.

Dragline Excavators

These larger-than-standard excavators work differently from all of the others on our list. They raise, lower and drag the bucket towards the body of the machine, helping to shift material from raised grounds. They are also commonly used in underwater applications too.

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