The right plant machine will help you to progress with a job, reduce delays and produce the highest-quality results. Alongside this, the right machine attachment allows you to take on more complex jobs without needing to necessarily expand your fleet. With options to suit excavators, dumpers and telehandlers, there is a vast range of options available on the market today. Understanding these attachments and which ones are best suited to your project means your business will be able to step ahead of the competition and offer a wider selection of services to your customers. In this blog, we’ll look at 5 machine attachments you should consider for your next construction project.

Ditching Bucket

Designed to be used with excavators ditching buckets are flexible attachments that tilt laterally in two directions. They give you more flexibility on an angle when working on landscaping projects. Ditching buckets generally have a deeper and wider profile than standard buckets. This allows them to glide more easily through a range of materials, including sand and clay. And, they are often chosen for projects on elevated slopes when grading, backfilling or cleaning out ditches.

Grading Bucket

Another excavator attachment, grading buckets are an ideal finishing option. They have a very wide bucket with a straight edge running along one side. This is designed to help flatten out, level and smooth rough aggregates as well as soil. These wider buckets tend to have a lower capacity than standard designs which helps to manage weight and ensure the best finish.

Hydraulic Hammer

If you’re looking for an effective way to break through tougher materials – specifically on demolition projects – a hydraulic hammer may be the best solution. These attachments are specifically designed for use with excavators and use a gas-pressure system. With a small canister stored inside, they produce significantly more power than hand-held hammers and are commonly used for mining, concrete breaking or rock breaking. Some hydraulic hammers can also be attached to backhoes or diggers.

Screening Buckets

These versatile attachments can be made compatible with excavators, backhoes and skid steers. They have server screening blades that work through aggregate, allowing particles of a certain size to sieve through. This allows you to separate materials – before and after crushing – making them ideal for jobs such as landscaping, composting and recycling.

Thumb Grabs

Also known as a thumb, these excavator attachments improve the performance of your machine. They can help to increase grip, improving performance when it comes to gripping and moving materials to the desired location. Many use them when needing to grip a material that doesn’t easily fit in a bucket, such as scrap. Landscapers also make use of thumbs to help move larger aggregate into the right spot.

At Jay Bee Plant Sales, we don’t just bring together second-hand plant machines for our customers. You’ll also find a range of miscellaneous products in our online store – including machinery attachments. If you’re embarking on a new construction project, speak to a member of our team who will be able to direct you towards the right attachment for your specific needs.