According to a report by the HSE, the construction industry is the second most likely working environment to suffer a fatal accident. Plant machinery is large and poses a significant threat to workers, if not properly used and maintained. Ensuring your machines are in full working order minimising the risk to employees health & safety while also extending the lifespan of your investments. It is vital that caring for these large-scale pieces of equipment is prioritised and taken seriously.

Read on for our 5 tips on how to maintain your plant machinery effectively.

Make regular checks

Whether you’re using them daily or sporadically, it’s important that visual checks become compulsory with plant machinery. Before every use, they should be assessed to ensure no damage has occurred or maintenance needs to be done to keep the user safe. Check for things such as:

  • Wear and tear
  • Vibrations when turned on
  • High temperatures when running
  • Loose components

Lubricate regularly

The oils and lubrication used in plant machinery help each component to function properly. Without them, friction can occur which leads to significant damage. It’s important to prioritise these checks to make sure you aren’t doing more harm once you turn the machine on. Keep an eye out for leaks or drips around all the oil seals. And ensure excessive build-up isn’t on the pistons or other areas of the engine. Lubricants can also become contaminated which will accelerate wear and tear.

You also need to ensure the right type of lubricant is being used. Information like this will be available from the manufacturer.

Service when stationary

Whenever a large machine is being checked, make sure it is in a stationary position and all stored energy has been released. The hand brake should be applied fully and caution should be taken when walking around the machine. The HSE’s report states that being struck by a moving vehicle is the second most common fatal accident so the risk here is significant if caution isn’t taken.

Clean your machines

Just like you would clean a car, a plant machine needs to be regularly cleaned too. This helps to remove built-up dirt that can cause more significant damage down the line. You’ll also be able to identify any worrying signs of wear and tear much easier if a machine is cleaned. Inspect areas such as the seals and filters when cleaning to ensure contaminant build-up hasn’t occurred. The same goes for the electronics in a vehicle – this can fail easily if it becomes built-up with dirt.

Keep a maintenance/repair schedule

For larger-scale construction sites, it’s not uncommon for numerous people to use the same machine in a day. Keeping a log and schedule for maintenance ensures this vital step doesn’t get overlooked.

Keeping your plant machinery in full working order minimises delays, prevents wasted time and allows you to complete a job to a high standard. If you have any questions about appropriate care for your machine, get in contact with the team here at Jay Bee Plant Sales today.