It goes without saying that buying used plant machinery can save you money. These large-scale purchases can play havoc with your annual budget and any way to save money benefits the business overall. When you choose to buy a used machine, you can reduce expenditure in more ways than one.

Lower purchase cost

The price tag associated with used machines are obviously significantly lower than buying brand new. Of course, as a result, you have to be more vigilant to ensure each machine has been properly maintained and is in full working order. However, a professional company should be able to provide you with a full maintenance record to put your mind at ease.

Less depreciation

Construction machinery is similar to vehicles in that, if purchased brand new, the value depreciates significantly as soon as it is driven off the lot. You don’t get this with used machinery. Actually, buying second hand usually means you are able to maintain the machine’s value for longer if it is properly maintained.

Buy Back Guarantee

Here at Jay Bee Plant, we recognise that the need for a specific machine may only arise with certain jobs. Our buy back guarantee is the perfect way to combat this. We have worked out, over the years, that buying a used machine and then returning it at the end of the job usually works out cheaper than renting.

Machine Hire

However, if you only need the machine for a very short period of time, renting a used machine is usually a financially viable solution. Factor this into your overall budget and you’ll be covered throughout any job. For businesses in the area of Gloucester, we hire out machinery and can provide a full-servicing package to meet your requirements.

Fully Serviced

When you purchase used machinery, ensure it has a full maintenance history. Most reputable companies will provide a full service on every machine. While this cannot reverse the care, the machine has been given throughout its lifetime, it does help to prevent any short-term expenditures you could encounter.

Used construction machinery should be purchased with as much knowledge and information as possible. Make sure you ask lots of questions and enquire about maintenance records. If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality second-hand construction machinery and tools, we’d be happy to help you here at Jay Bee Plant Sales.

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