Do you need a license to operate plant machinery?

If you run, or are part of, a big construction company, the chances are you’ll need machinery that you can trust. Along with the people you employ, fully functioning machinery can help improve time efficiency, productivity and the quality of the end job. But do you need to consider licenses before hiring or is this something your training department needs to take into account? Perhaps you’re working on a much smaller scale and are wondering whether you need a license for yourself. We’ll be answering this question today in this blog.

Do I need a license to operate mobile plant machinery in a workplace?

To date, there are no government issued licenses for vehicles at work. The main requirement in this area states that each operator must be given full and adequate training by their employee. This is covered until the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998; regulation 9. Anyone using such equipment must be competent enough to use it safely and as intended.

Do I need a valid UK car driving license to operate plant machinery?

Again, no. As both tasks are starkly different, there is no requirement to have a driving license before operating plant machinery. The only time this differs is when the machine needs to be manoeuvred on a public highway. Here, the vehicle will need to comply with normal insurance, licensing and registration requirements. The construction industry machinery and vehicles fall until the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 which applies to vehicles under a certain weight or dimension. If you plan to drive a plant machine on a public highway for any reason, visit the website to find the relevant information for your specific vehicle.

What is the minimum age for plant machine drivers?

For lift-truck operators, the operator must be a minimum school leaving age or 18 in ports. It falls under the responsibility of the business owner to ensure appropriate risk assessments are taken out on all workers under the age of 18. These need to take into account their psychological and physical immaturity, inexperience and lack of awareness of possible risks.

In most situations, there is no need to worry about licensing for your plant machine. As long as you and your workers take the proper precautions to keep everyone safe, you can continue working to a high, professional standard.

If you have any specific questions about plant machinery licensing and regulations, contact the team at Jay Bee Plant Sales today.