As we move towards the end of the year, many of our clients are looking towards 2022. After a few years of such turbulence and uncertainty, they are seeking routes to recovery and the trends that may help them to do just this. While many within the sector were able to continue working during the lockdowns, a lack of materials and delays in delivery put a halt to progression. And, it is hoped that understanding what customers are predicted to be interested in going into 2022 will help them to structure their business goals accordingly.

So, here are 3 construction industry trends we think you should pay attention to.

  1. Increased Site Safety Technology

Workplace safety has become even more of a buzzword recently and this heightened awareness of the risks of on-site working has meant the demand for relevant technology has increased. Yes, many businesses brought in face masks and the 2-meter social distancing rule. But now, the pandemic has flagged up numerous areas around a construction site where increased awareness of safety can be beneficial. These include monitoring wind, heat and excess noise, utilising machines to carry out high-risk tasks and the use of video monitoring technology to highlight hazards.

We also expect to see the focus on handwashing, cleanliness and on-site temperature recording continue to maintain the individual health of workers within this industry.

  1. Increased Interest in Rented Plant Machinery

With business being so uncertain, there has been a significant increase in the rental of plant machinery as well as the purchase of second-hand models. This cost-effective method allows access to the very best equipment without requiring an excessive budget. It also supports businesses on a project-by-project basis, allowing them to branch into different areas of business without investing improperly.

Renting also allows contractors to test out machines before making a purchase – giving them the option of trialling different models and receiving feedback from their teams.

  1. Modular Construction Projects

Traditionally, properties were built on-site from raw materials. However, evolving technology has made it more cost-effective and quicker to manufacture modules in a factory. These are transported to the site for assembly. Using this method can help developers finalise projects quicker, reduce the risk of costly relays and allow changes to be made in no time at all too.

Are there any construction trends you’re keeping your eye on in 2022? Let us know in the comments below. If you would like any more information or advice about plant machine hire, please do get in contact with the team here at Jay Bee Plant Sales.