We at Jay Bee Plant Sales aren’t afraid of staying ahead of the game.

We, like most plant dealers, have advertised for years and have never really realised the potential we have to do bigger and better things.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve focussed on certain areas of the business, one has been marketing. Spending money on advertising is one thing but getting the most out of it is very much another.

That’s why when Auto Trader Plant invited us to visit their offices in Manchester, we jumped at the chance.

We spent the day with them, learning about the product we’ve been paying for years and the operation behind it! We learnt of ways to better improve our use of their website and really look forward to implementing some of the changes.

Jay Bee Plant Sales are pro-active and dedicated to providing quality used plant machinery with the service and back up our customers need and we’re focused on making our brand and our machines more accessible for our potential customers.

Watch this space .. the sky’s the limit!

jay bee plant sales director tim blythe at auto trader plant red audi car at auto trader plant blue car at auto trader plant auto trader plant offices in manchester